Former Dodgers GM Fred Claire has a very flattering column at about Reds GM Wayne Krivsky. Fairly interesting, including this part:

Krivsky was much like one of those players who had paid his dues but couldn’t get an opportunity.

It all changed when a group headed by Bob Castellini purchased the Reds in January and decided the first order of business was a change of leadership in baseball operations.

Krivsky had what he felt was a good first interview shortly after the new ownership took over and flew back to Cincinnati on Feb. 7 for what was scheduled to be a second interview.

As it turned out, Krivsky was met at the airport by Reds’ executive and old friend Dean Taylor and taken to a dinner meeting with Castellini and Tom Williams.

The next morning Krivsky showed up for a scheduled meeting at the Great American Ball Park and was directed to a waiting room.

Castellini walked into the room a short time later with a contract in hand. “You’re the guy,” said Castellini.

The new owner of the Reds had had hit a home run in his first major at-bat.

After 30 years of preparation and dedication, Wayne Krivsky had his dream job.

It’s far too soon to say that the Krivsky hiring is a home run, but the early returns are very promising.

3 Responses

  1. Tom

    It looks good to me because Krivsky is building an organization strong in scouting and administration which will result in a good farm system. Also Castellini and Co. want to win now, not years down the road.

  2. Bill Hansing

    Based on the returns so far — which is all we have to go on — this has been a great move by Castellini.

  3. Mark T

    The book is out, the early results promising, but how nice it is to have a GM that actually talks to people about his decisions and even cracks an occasional joke. I don’t know where Dano is these days – and I don’t care. I’m just glad he’s not in Cincy.