Who knows?

Here’s a hint: when it comes to player injuries, don’t believe one single word that the Reds tell you. Not one word.

2 Responses

  1. Glenn

    I’m not really even paying any attention to it anymore. The medical staff speaks and to me its the same thing Bart Simpson hears when his teacher speaks to him. “blah, blah, blah”. I’ll beleive he’s back when he’s back.

  2. al

    i don’t understand what’s going on here any more than anyone else, and i agree with chris that at this point it’s probably best to just forget about him and let it be a pleasent surprise when he returns.

    what i just can’t see is some conspiracy where the reds medical staff knows more than it’s letting on. Lord knows that the fans wouldn’t blame them if griffey’s leg exploded, so what sense would it make for them to cover it up.

    As it stands now, everyone is pissed at them. If they come out and say that he’s out for a long time because of a serious injury, no one is pissed at them. So where’s the logic?

    As crazy as it seems, i think the most likely thing going on here is exactly what we’ve been told.