This is discouraging. This is the most exciting Reds team in years, and we can’t even out-draw the Pirates?

Go to the games, Reds fans! Support this team!

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  1. Brian B.

    Technically, we have outdrawn the Pirates because last night’s 20,900 moves us past them with the same number of home games.

    But still, this is embarrassing. I saw my brother on Easter Sunday and asked if he ws going to any Reds games over his spring break. The Marlins were in town. He looked at me like he didn’t know who the Reds were.

  2. Cary

    April has always been a poorly attended month. After OD, you were looking at the teens. The losing seasons have some skepticism to fight against, but the crowds will be there in june if the team is playing consistent winning baseball.

  3. Dave

    This sounds like an opportunity for enterprising tavern owners to organize gameday bus trips from Indy to Cincy.
    Get a group rate on tickets, use the ticket discount to pay for a bus and get a crowd to meet the bus at the tavern before the game. Then bring the whole crowd back to the tavern for more beers after the game of course.

  4. Other Brian

    I’m sure the contigent is a small one, but if anyone’s out in AZ come see our Reds whack the d-backs this weekend!

  5. Glenn

    I’m confident attendance will pick up. Cincy’s a baseball town. Folks are just still stunned that a quality product has made its way to the field!

  6. JinAZ

    Based on an analysis I did earlier in the year, the Reds have drawn almost exactly what you’d expect them to draw given their record, stadium quality, and population size. Also, a lot of the attendance benefit to winning occurs the year after a big season, rather than the year during the winning season.
    So, while we can certainly do better than we have, Cincinnati isn’t a bad baseball town by any means. -jinaz

  7. JinAZ

    Minor clarification: my analysis was on the years 1998 through 2005, so it doesn’t include this year’s figures. However, it is interesting to look at what happened in ’99 and ’00. The Reds attendance did increase by an expected amount in 1999 with their great year, but they surged to 400,000+ more fans in 2000 than would be expected for the city size, record, etc. Reds fans love winners… -j

  8. Joel

    Don’t forget, J, that 2000 was the first year that Junior was with the team. So the winning wasn’t the only cause of the surge. In fact, I think the Reds were one of the top road draws that year too.

  9. JinAZ

    Very good point Joel, hadn’t thought of that. That definitely could contribute to the high residual.

    Nevertheless, it remains the case that teams usually get an attendance spike the year after a big season, rather than during it. Therefore, a lot of the attendance benefits to winning this season (if we continue to win) are likely to be realized next year. -j in az