With the recent discussion about Reds attendance, Brian Erts does what he does best, and looks at the history of Cincinnati attendance.

2 Responses

  1. Tom

    It seems to me that day baseball draws better in Cincinnati, especially during the week. Todays crowd of 25,127 wasn’t bad but it should have been 30,000+ with the way the Reds are playing. Since the OTR shooting and riots in 2001, and the prevalence of drugs, a lot of people are hesitant to come downtown at night, which used to be one of the safer urban areas in the country. Also with cool weather more day games in April and May could help Reds attendance by drawing the 55 and over crowd.

  2. Baseball_Minutia

    Tom, downtown Cincinnati by the BP is tame IMO… hardly anything to be scared of unless you cloister yourself in a gated community. Especially since I can park miles from OTR and buy peanuts and be in the Ballpark and then back home without batting an eye.

    The fact seems to lean on the point that is winning is the real draw for most on the fence Reds fans, and until the bandwagon runs through town I’d expect the Reds to be disappointed by the teams draw.