Red-Hot Mama breaks the news that Tony Womack has been DFA’ed. Well, she broke the news that AP/ has broken the news.

Womack’s leaving to make room for Cody Ross, who the Reds acquired from the Dodgers for a PTBNL. The Reds official site is still silent, but the Dodgers have announced the Ross deal.

9 Responses

  1. Glenn

    Am I right in thinking that the Reds have to keep Ross on the ML roster or send him through the waiver process to get him to Louisville?

  2. Glenn

    I was reading some more on Ross. I can’t figure out why the Dodgers would let this guy go. Krivsky got Phillips for the player to be named and he’s been doing pretty well. I’m sure he went a long way toward showing Womack to the door. Let’s see if K’s got the knack for stealing some talent.

  3. Cito

    Good trade. He’s doing a good job of getting some…essentially…free talent.

    I don’t think Phillips is going to continue to be Alfonso Soriano with defense (when Soriano was good) but he had a good pedigree.

    And Ross is a good 4th OFer to have.

    Good team depth.

  4. al

    when jr comes back it seems like it has to be mccracken who goes. then maybe kriv can find a way to ship javy for a reliever.

    Hopefully kriv can find a taker for womack and the minor leaguer he gets for him will be as good as the one we’re giving up for ross, making it essentially a womack for ross deal, which no one could really argue with at this point.

  5. Glenn

    Maybe if he looks hard enough, K can find us some pitchers.

  6. Dave Massey

    With Griffey out I can’t imagine Krivsky would trade Dunn. That would mean the middle of our lineup would be gone for the forseeable future. I think K’s got enough sense to know how much trading Dunn right now would upset fans.

  7. al

    the cards and the mets have also been mentioned being interesed in womack.

    i haven’t heard anything recently about either outfielder being moved. i’d expect any deal like that to happen later rather than sooner, when teams are deciding whether they are in our out for the season at the deadline.

    If the reds are competing, maybe they’ll get in on a deal for a solid vet starter to help make a playoff run this year. If they’re out, they’d probably deal for pitching prospects.

  8. Glenn

    I just don’t see the logic in keeping McCraken and parting with Kearns. McCraken is a career backup and any pitching available at this point would be pretty thin.

  9. Glenn

    In a way, I’m sorry to see Womack go. He had a good spring and it was obvious that he was making every attempt to get his career back on track. However, this just was never a good fit from the begining. His signing didn’t make much sense. Someone said it earlier, but the only way this signing made any sense was if it was a wake up call to Freel. Kind of a get your act together or we’ll give the job to Womack thing. Be as that may, it wasn’t fair to Womack. Good luck to him. (just not against the Reds)