Eric Milton won’t make his scheduled start today; he’s hurt.

Aaron Harang will make the start today against the Brewers, instead, and that concerns me. Harang’s a good pitcher, but I don’t like the idea of him starting on three days rest this early in the season.

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  1. Baseball_Minutia

    MILWAUKEE — Early word this morning that Eric Milton will have arthroscopic surgery tomorrow to “debride the meniscus in his left knee,” according to the Reds. Doc Kremchek will do the deed, of course. The injury apparently was revealed in an MRI taken last night.

    This obviously means a DL trip for Milton, though nothing official has been said about that. Though it would require a 40-man move, my best guess is Darrell May joining the club by tomorrow. That’s just a guess, though.

    More later, I assume…

  2. Pinski

    Just when you thought that getting Milton out of the rotation would be a good thing, you end up with a guy who had an ERA over 5 in the confines of Petco.

    As for Day, he may have his DFA’d status revoked because of injury; he is currently getting a second opinion. So I’m not sure if going after Day would be a good idea.

  3. Mark T

    I predict that Harang will shine, pitching a complete game, while his teammates back him up with as many as eleven runs.

  4. Glenn

    nice prediction. almost as if you knew what was going to happen in advance of your comment:smile:

    Just when Milton seems to being getting it together (despit the last start) he gets hit with this.