From the DDN:

After an error-plagued start to the season — six in his first 10 games — third baseman Edwin Encarnacion turned in several defensive dandies on the three-game homestand.
Before every home game, before anybody else is on the field, Encarnacion is at third base taking ground balls from infield coach Bucky Dent.

“It’s an everyday routine, and mostly we work on his throwing, which is where he seems to have the most problems,” Dent said. “He needs to get consistent with his footwork. Sometimes he slides off-balance and throws instead of turning and getting set.

“We work at it every day, and he is getting better and better,” Dent said. “I tell him when he takes ground balls in practice, do it at game speed, do it with a purpose. He needs to make 10 to 12 throws to first base every day.”

So what did E.E. do in the third inning Wednesday? He threw a ball into the dirt for error No. 7.

So what? He made an error, did McCoy think that he’d immediately become a gold glove third baseman?

As long as the kid hits and is willing to work hard to improve his defense, I’m thrilled with him. I hope that this new regime is smart enough to realize that young players are going to struggle at times, but in the long run…if they have the talent, they’ll blossom.

Encarnacion shows every indication of being a top notch talent and apparently works to improve on his weaknesses.

What more can you ask of him?

3 Responses

  1. Bill Hansing

    Bill, I don’t read that Hal is saying that EE has made an error. I read him saying that he has made his 7th error of the season (a season that is only 15 games old and he hasn’t played in erery one of them).

    Translation: If EE plays in 140 games, he would be on a pace to make 70 errors.
    That isn’t good.

    We all love EE’s quick bat and power. There are times he is overmatched at the plate but we all know he’s learning and will only get better. We want the guy to become a good major league thirdbaseman.

    We also think he’ll improve defensively, but he clearly has farther to go in that regard. I hope it happens and I know you do too.

  2. Chad

    The point is that he is working hard to improve, and not resting on his status as a top prospect. I’m very encouraged after reading this article. If EdE will work hard, in addition to being extremely talented, we’ve got a gem on our hands.

  3. redlegs

    After watching his offensive play, I think he’s redeemed himself.