Ryan Freel has evidently written a “Player Perspective” column over at Reds.com. Some of it is interesting, I suppose:

It’s a good asset for a team, they say. So good, they just don’t have a position for you every day. If I were a manager, I know I’d like to have a player who can play everywhere and at anytime, and can run a little bit and do the little things and get on base for those big guys. But it’s tough.

My offensive role on the team, as a leadoff hitter, is to be getting on base and scoring runs. Our No. 2 hitter, Felipe Lopez, really makes my job easier. He’s doing a heck of a job, as far as taking some pitches and letting me steal — and playing the game how it’s supposed to be played. …

I love everything about this team. I think we have a great bunch of guys here. I think that comes from up top with what the general manager Wayne Krivsky is doing. He’s surrounding us with good people. We really have a good chemistry here.