From today’s Enquirer

Paul Wilson pitched in an extended spring training game Sunday, but remains weeks away from beginning a rehabilitation assignment.

The right-hander opened this season on the 15-day disabled list, and continues to rehabilitate from shoulder surgery last June.

Wilson threw 73 pitches over 51/3 innings Sunday, and allowed four earned runs on seven hits while striking out three.

“He’s building up his arm strength,” Krivsky said. “He’s getting there. He’s right on schedule.”

So, I think late May, early June is probably as early as you can possibly expect Wilson to be with the Reds.

4 Responses

  1. Glenn

    Both Paul Wilson and Dave Williams have got to be fealing the pressure. Williams has to pitch a whole lot better or he may lose the 5th spot when Wilson returns. Wilson in turn has got to get healthy and time is not on his side.

  2. Glenn

    They’re both probably pinging the radar gun in the high 60’s.

  3. Joe Bear

    Give Wilson a break he is the hardest worker on the Reds team. 2nd.Wilson has what a 4.50 or something career era.. give him some credit he has pitched for crappy teams who always lose.. I’m sure its hard to mentally pitch for teams who can’t play. So let’s just wait and see how he pitches when he comes back to an improved reds team. Something tells me he will pitch well just like he did when the reds were playin well early in 04!

  4. Glenn

    I hope you are right about Wilson having a strong comeback. My point was that he HAS to come back strong. If he does, Williams ought to be worried. He’ll lose his spot in the rotation and possibly his spot on the roster.
    If Wilson doesn’t comeback and get people out, his age, and high salary, (relative to other pitchers on the staff) will work against him.
    My impression of Wilson is much the same as yours. He’s a stand up guy and a hard worker. He might also help out with this faultering piece of you know what we call a bullpen!