As you’ve no doubt already heard:

While continuing to maintain that his right knee injury isn’t serious, the Reds placed center fielder Ken Griffey Jr. on the 15-day disabled list following Monday night’s game against the Marlins.

The decision was made after Griffey was seen by the Reds’ medical director, Dr. Tim Kremchek. An MRI revealed that the 36-year-old has a strained tendon behind the knee.

“There’s a little amount of fluid. There wasn’t anything to be alarmed about,” said general manager Wayne Krivsky. “It’s just more of a precaution to make sure we get it all calmed down and not aggravate it to where it becomes a bigger deal.”

Krivsky said that Kremchek told him Griffey could have played in another day or two, but the GM wanted to have a full roster.

The move is retroactive to April 13.

I wish I could take the Reds at their word on this, but they’ve misled us in the past. I’m going to be cautiously optimistic, however, that Junior will be back soon and hitting hard.

3 Responses

  1. Glenn

    Look at the bright side. Freel is in the lineup every night and we get LaRue back.
    BTW, I not seeing much out of Hatteberg.

  2. Bill Hansing

    And didn’t they orginally say that the injury wasn’t serious enough to warrant a MRI??? The Reds are getting worse than NHL teams/coaches when discussing a player’s injuries/status.

    At first they even corrected anyone who called it an “injury”. Remember that?

    I know they are being extra cautious, which is understandable — but they could communicate a bit better to the fan-paying public. What’s wrong with “Well, here’s what we think is going on; so we’re approaching it this way for these reasons; but if it isn’t as much of an issue we’ll do this; but if it appears to be more of an issue, we’ll do that.”

    I found it funny to keep reading that he was day-to-day, had some knot in the back of his knee that was getting rubbed out every day, but kept coming back the next day. If a guy is day-to-day but the problem keeps coming back day-to-day (for a week now), doesn’t that make it a longer term thing? It would be more honest to say that both Junior and his knee problem are both day-to-day — and not going away.

  3. Glenn

    I’m glad the Reds are being cautious with Griffey. I think the Reds are a better team with him in the lineup. However, it is interesting to see how the Reds have learned to deal with the potential of Griffey being injured. With Freel covering CF, and Aurillia, Womack et al covering, LF,1b,CF,2b…., the damage to the team because of Griffey being on the DL is not nearly as great as it once was.
    I’d love to see Griffey heal up and be the superstar he needs to be, but chances are little injuries like this are going to continue and the club needs these insurance policies.