I’m glad he isn’t affiliated with the Reds any longer.

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  1. Glenn

    Its Karma, just ask Earl. Then again its probably bad Karma to kick a guy when he’s down…but then again it is Bowden.

  2. Cito

    Isn’t it time for someone to rehash the hair stylist/blonde pubic hair story?

  3. Bill Hansing

    Ah come on now guys — a DUI could happen to anyone. This doesn’t mean anything.

    Sure he had the floozie in the car — just another series of bizarre misunderstandings — could happen to anyone.

    PS — I’m glad the Nationals aren’t just dismissing this.

  4. Ken

    A DUI is bad enough, but Bowden is approaching Chuck Finley territory to boot. According to the espn article: “A few minutes before he was stopped, Bowden and his girlfriend [Joy Browning] were apparently involved in an altercation that left him with scratches and resulted in battery and resisting arrest charges against her. . . . She refused to get out of the car and struck one of the officers twice after he took her cell phone, police said.”

  5. Bill Hansing

    I despise the ground Jim Bowden walks on.

    In my estimation, if there is one person (more than any other one single person) to place blame for the Reds fall — it is Jim Bowden.

    I have been booted from several Reds forums for — among a few things — my constant belaboring of the point that Bowden needed to go. I had people argue with me. I had people defend Bowden. I had people tell me I was harping on it too much (until he was gone, it was not possible to harp on his departure too much).

    Still the week before he was fired John Fay wrote an article that quoted me verbatim from a lengthy email I had sent to him (it was also placed in a couple of lesser Reds fans site like REDSZONE).

    I still post in all those areas including REDSZONE under a different screen name (which I find incredibly amusing).

    Even more amusing is that people universally and routinely now portray Bowden as a buffoon — many of those same people who fought with me and defended him before.

    The Good News — aside from yesterday’s REALLY Good News (He is Risen) — is that the Reds have moved on and turned the corner. Bob Castellini and Wayne Krivsky are committed to building this club back into the storied franchise it once was.

    The bad news — because Reds management put up with Jim Bowden and his antics for as long as they did, he sent this franchise into a literal death spiral.

    I will never regret pointing out any one of Jim Bowden’s many flaws. Jim Bowden was bad for the Reds and is bad for baseball.

    I despise the ground Jim Bowden walks on.

  6. Bill Hansing

    In the “I couldn’t possibly make this up” department — The woman who was with Jim Bowden the night of his “unfortunate misunderstanding” was named Joy Browning — an “actress”. Her most recent films are “Monster Movie” (Tagline: What real monsters want to do — PARTY) and “LadyKiller” (Tagline: The man of your dreams could be your worst nightmare).

  7. Mike Pesina

    Joy Browning has appeared on “Less Than Perfect” on ABC in the past.