OK, so we are only 1.5 weeks into the season, but the Arroyo/Wily Mo Trade is looking like an A+ move for the Reds and Wayne Krivsky. Not only are we praising Arroyo for his brilliant first 2 outings (combined with his 2 homers at the plate), but RedSox fans have already started bashing Wily Mo. Here is what I’ve read today from other Red Sox fans regarding Pena:

Q: Wily Mo Pena is the Red Sox version of Pedro Cerrano from “Major League.” Cerrano can’t hit the curve and Willy Mo swings and misses at every high-and-outside pitch thrown. He’d swing at 60 of them in a row. We need to get him a Jobu doll and some bat hats.
–George Rowlinson, Boston

SG: On the bright side, this could lead to Wily Mo potentially playing the President on “24,” doing some All-State commercials and serving as the emergency getaway driver in “Heat 2: She’s Got A Great ——–, and You Got Your Head All The Way Up It!”

(Speaking of Wily Mo, during his first start last week, he struck out twice in a row against the immortal Bruce Chen, followed by Dad calling me just to say, “This guy sucks. He’s got a slow bat. Why did we get rid of Arroyo?” That’s right, Wily shattered the all-time record for “Fastest Dad ever turned on a new Boston player,” previously held by Alaa Abdelnaby and Marion Butts.)

I was a Pena fan, but I fear his trade to Boston could really hurt his career. He would have probably gotten more ABs in Cincinnati had he not been traded, but his start in Boston doesn’t look promising.

With that said, Arroyo will be roughed up in his next 5 outings. Don’t hurt me, please!

4 Responses

  1. Chris in Venice

    Yeah, I think this was really bad luck for Wily Mo. Sitting on the bench during the WBC didn’t help his start with a new team, either.

  2. braink

    I don’t mean to be rude, but that is easily the worst representation of the Pena/Arroyo trade possible. Bad move because it hurts Pena’s carrer? Bad because Arroyo will be terrible even though he’s been very good so far? I’m sorry, but those two comments don’t even really mean anything. The trade was much worse for Arroyo, even if the delicacy that is/was Wily Mo has been bruised. Pena gave nothing up. The move had to be made from the Reds persepective. They must have five healthy starting pitchers and Wily Mo, as has already been made amply clear this season was a luxery. End of story.

  3. Chad

    I don’t think braink understood the sarcasm in the post above.

    I agree, Chris…the early returns on the trade look very good for the Reds.

  4. Ken

    I’m absolutely thrilled with BA so far, but I remember him getting off to a fast start last year, too. His ERA post-ASB last year (5.08) was a full run higher than pre-ASB, and his K rate plummeted too.