I enjoyed this story, which raised Brandon Phillips in my estimation:

Knowing that Barry Larkin was Phillips’ favorite player, Krivsky offered him Larkin’s old No. 11, but Phillips said, “No, he’s my man. I can’t wear his number.'”

Phillips, the club’s most recent infield acquisition and a guy of whom scouts have compared to former Cincinnati infielder Pokey Reese, settled for No. 4 and on Sunday morning was settling into his clubhouse dressing stall.

“I heard Cincinnati was a team that might trade for me and that’s nice because my favorite player growing up was Barry Larkin so it is nice to be on the same team he played for,” said Phillips. “The first Braves game I ever went to he played shortstop for the Reds and made a lot of great plays. I’ve liked him ever since and always kept up with him.”

Phillips considers himself both a shortstop and a second baseman, but because he played mostly second base last year he prefers second base — a position already shared by Tony Womack, Ryan Freel and Rich Aurilia. Phillips, though, may carry the most proficient glove.

“Whatever happens, happens and I’m just happy to be here, to tell you the truth,” he said of his situation.

This guy really seems to enjoy being a Red so far. That’s encouraging, as far as it goes. Now he has to produce.

Meanwhile, what is Wayne Krivsky doing trying to give away Larkin’s number? That doesn’t seem like a good move for someone who just joined the organization.

Which reminds me: the Reds really need to retire Larkin’s number 11.

3 Responses

  1. Pinski

    Yeah, its cool and all that Larkin was his man. But what was Krivsky thinking? Whats next offer freel the number 14?

  2. Matt

    You’d think that since Larkin was a career Red and has a decent Hall of Fame shot that they’d be considering retiring the number, not handing it out.

  3. Mike

    They should eventually retire #11, if not, they should at least keep someone from wearing it for the next 10 years…