Jerry Narron, talking to the Post’s Lonnie Wheeler about the second base situation:

“The way the roster is, there are decisions to make every day. You can make a case for Freel, for (Rich) Aurilia or for Womack

I’d love someone (especially Narron) to make the case for Womack. I know Freel’s not going to do this all year. I know he’s going to run out of gas, or into a wall or something. But I really don’t see how any team keeps this guy out of the lineup.

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  1. JinAZ

    Freel is probably better than both Dunn and Griffey in the outfield. Not sure about his arm, but I’ve read that his range is excellent out there thanks to his great speed. He’s not bad at 2B either though. -j

  2. Chad

    I wouldn’t mind Freel in the OF, if it meant Phillips were the everyday starter at 2B and Dunn were moved to 1B permanently. I think the Reds are a better team with that lineup, both offensively and — especially — defensively.

    As a backup, I can live with Hatteberg and Aurilia…and even Womack. It’s when they’re starting every day that you run into problems.

  3. Chad

    And remember, Phillips is a whiz in the field, or at least that’s his reputation.

  4. al

    i couldn’t agree more with chad. dfa abad, bring back deno as the 4th outfielder, start grif in left, freel in center (where his range will help most), philips at second with a solid bench.

    that gives us a much better look defensively since we go from below average in lf and cf, to above average in both spots.

  5. Mark T

    I liked what Phillips had to say over at the Reds’ web site today:

    “It was kind of frustrating, just being without a team. Now I’m here. I’m loving Cincinnati,” Phillips said. “The clubhouse is nice. The food is nice. All the coaches and players, they seem real laid back and cool. I think I’m going to have fun.”

    “Whatever they have in store for me, when I do get the chance to play, I’m just going to give it my all.”

    Talking about his promise and fading in Cleveland, he said “”I got caught in the atmosphere,I started doing good, and I ended up hitting a walk-off home run and said ‘Dang, that felt good.’ They were saying ‘Rookie, did this, rookie, did that. Rookie of the Year,’ The talk and the publicity, I got caught up in it. It really hurt me.”

    I say the guy is saying the right things, maybe has a good attitude. He might be a find.

  6. Matt

    I like that he pointed out the food. The bad food in Cleveland was just bringing down his game.