Since today is an off-day, I thought it would be a good opportunity to roll out some new features that have been in the works for some time here at Redleg Nation.

First of all, we are proud to present the Redleg Nation “Big Board,” an in-depth Reds organizational depth chart. Thanks largely to the work of RN editors Tom and Bill, this is a nice look at everything you need to know about who’s where in the Reds organization.

Not only do we have the rosters for each club (with Billings and GCL rosters to come after they are finalized, which will be in June, after the draft), but it’s a true depth chart. By that, I mean that we have the starting rotations of each club, in order, and the starters and bench on each team. It’s a snapshot look at the organization, who is where and who is waiting in the wings. We’ll be keeping this updated almost daily, as transactions occur.

The Big Board should be a handy reference tool for you Reds junkies out there.

Our next feature is the Salary Chart, which examines the current and future contract status for the players on the Reds roster. Wonder how much Eric Milton is still owed on his contract? Check the Salary Chart. Want to know about the mutual option on Rich Aurilia’s contract? Check out the Salary Chart.

We’re always asking questions about the current and future payroll. Thanks to the hard work of RN editor Bill, now we have a resource for that. We will continue to update as we get new information about salaries and contracts, and if you see new information, don’t hesitate to send it along to us.

As you may have noticed, these new features are linked near the top of the left-hand column, under the Redleg Nation Exclusives! tab. Also linked are the interviews we’ve conducted for Redleg Nation. More interviews are in the works, and we also have some fun new features planned.

Thanks for checking us out, and stay tuned.

2 Responses

  1. JinAZ

    This is a fanastic resource! Thanks!

    Two minor suggestions, if I may:
    1. The gray background for the 40-man roster guys makes the big board a little hard to read (for me, at least). Would it be possible to use a lighter color in the background instead?
    2. You might want to add “salaries listed in the millions” or something to the salary chart, as it wasn’t immediately obvious to me what those numbers meant.

    Also, is Griffey’s contract really up at the end of the year? Or are we just not sure how much he’ll make next year?

  2. Pinski

    Griffey’s contract. Not sure whether this is a help but there is a great website out there that tries to breakdown all the MLB contracts.
    MLB Contracts

    Here is the Griffey info:

    Ken Griffey Jr. of
    9 years/$116.5M (2000-08), plus $16.5M 2009 club option
    00-08:$12.5M/year, 09:$16.5M club option ($4M buyout)
    $57.5M in salary deferred at 4% interest, to be paid 2009-2024, reducing contract’s present-day value at time of signing to between $9.2M and $9.3M annually, according to Reds management sources
    $5.5M of 2000 salary deferred
    $6.5M/year of 2001-2008 salaries deferred
    agent: Brian Goldberg
    ML service: 17.000