I hadn’t mentioned it yet, but Chris Denorfia was sent to AAA Louisville last night to make room for Brandon Phillips on the Cincinnati roster. Wayne Krivsky’s hopes for a roster full of middle infielders remain alive.

All joking aside, I look forward to seeing Phillips play. He was an outstanding prospect at one time, and there’s still a chance he can live up to that reputation. Of course, everyone said that about D’Angelo Jiminez, too, and he seemed to have similar issues as Phillips.

About Denorfia, I’m torn. On one hand, it will be good for Denorfia to get regular ABs in AAA to continue his development. On the other hand, what is Denorfia’s upside? In the majors, he’s going to be a very good 4th outfielder, and a case could be made that he’s ready to fill that role right now.

I remain confused why Andy Abad stays in Cincinnati rather than Denorfia, and don’t be surprised when a fully-healthy Quinton McCracken leaps ahead of Denorfia on the depth chart, as well. Strange…but we’re talking about the back end of the 25 man roster, so there’s little reason to get very worked up.

Still, of the Denorfia-Abad-McCracken trio, Denorfia is the only one with a future in Cincinnati, so his career path bears watching by Reds fans.