This is a good example of why I want Adam Dunn to be a Red for life:

Cincinnati originally had a two-run lead thanks to Dunn. With two outs in the sixth and a one-run lead, the left fielder tattooed a drive that split through the decorative smoke stacks well beyond the right-center-field wall.

They are aptly known as the “Power Stacks.”

“I wish it would have just gotten three runs for us, since it went through the goal posts,” Narron joked.

The ball, conservatively estimated to have traveled 479 feet, bounced off the stadium concourse and onto Mehring Way — the street just outside of the ballpark. It was the fourth-longest homer on record in the ballpark’s brief history.

Witnesses said the baseball hit a moving car on the street.

“I ain’t paying,” Dunn joked when reporters told him about the ball. Then he learned he inadvertently turned the stadium into a drive-thru souvenir stand.

Someone from the struck car reportedly hopped out and snagged the ball before driving off.

“Perfect. We’re even,” Dunn responded.

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  1. Nathan

    Maybe a little off subject, but I wish ALL major leaguers would wear their pants hiked up. Viva la stirrups!