From the DDN:

Article on ex-West Pointer Josh Holden and his split career between the Army and the Reds.

He’s the first — and only — person using the Army’s ground-breaking Alternate Service Option, which allows officers and enlisted soldiers to serve their country and be pro athletes simultaneously.

The Alternative Service Option requires athletes to first do two years of active duty — Holden was an artillery officer — serve six years in the Selected Reserve, reimburse the government for education and be subject to call-up at any time.
Thanks to that, Holden played at Billings, Mont., last season and now is in Dayton, where he’ll also do some Army recruiting.
“Initially I worried about this,” he said. “I thought I belonged with my friends in Iraq. But they’ve said I can do more for the Army by doing this. It’s a way to let people know the Army has special people.”