From the DDN:

Some points that I found interesting:

Craig Tatum, Catch-and-throw-type guy. ? hope his bat comes along this year.

3rd round pick in ’04, but only had a .592 OPS last season. Other catcher, who is a 32nd round pick is also termed a “catch and throw” guy had a .773 at Billings. Tatum must perform to keep his job, I would think, but is probably safe for awhile.

Paul Janish (ss), Haven’t seen much of him yet due to a pulled hamstring, but he’s got a good glove.

Coming off Tommy John surgery, another injury will really put Janish’s development behind. Hamstrings are notorious for being nagging.

Mike Griffin (2b), Wide body guy (5-10, 196). Hasn’t had a lot of at-bats. He’s going to get a lot this year. Has a chance to be an offensive second baseman.

Griffin put up .404/.421/.825 (OBP/SLG/OPS) at Billings, I’m looking forward to seeing what he does in Dayton.

J.D. Roberts (1b), Very good approach to the plate ? good swing ? lefthanded bat.
J.D. Reininger (3b), Bat control guy. He gets after it ? more of a gap type guy ? solid third base.

Both put up .850+ OPS at Billings. I’m not sure how old Roberts is or where he came from, Reininger was a 15th rounder in ’04.

Gerardo Cabrera, Very good outfielder ? very loose hitting actions.
B.J. Szymanski, Very exciting player ? can beat you a lot of different ways. Has glove, arm, speed ? as soon as he gets enough at-bats and plays enough, he’s going to move quickly through the system.
Jay Bruce, I’ve only seen him a couple days, but I like his swing. I like his approach.
Josh Holden, Speed guy ?can run. Very inexperienced. Hopefully can be an on-base guy.

I think the outfield is very interesting. Cabrera had an .873 OPS in the GCL for the White Sox, but must have been cut loose for some reason. Bruce is the “Golden Boy” and his numbers last year give nothing but high hopes for his future. Szymanski is having a hard time staying healthy, which makes only 4 outfielders a little chancy. Holden is ex-Army, attended West Point and was released from active duty to pursue his career with the Reds. He’s 25, so he’s fairly old for this level, but the Reds must see something. My views on Holden’s agreement with the Army/West Point are well documented on the
Reds Listserv List .

Carlos Fisher (righty starter), Good arm, trying to make adjustments and get the ball down in the zone ? bringing along his secondary pitches.

Had a 2.11 G/F ratio last year, “get ball down in the zone”?

Andy Weimer (righty bullpen), Gets down there (submarine style) and throws strikes … gets people out … probably use him as a closer.

From an Independent League to the closer role. That’s a long way in a year.