The Enquirer has a very good profile of Andy Abad this morning, focusing largely on his relationship with his father:

The father, who at 14 years old boarded a crowded boat and left his parents and three brothers behind in Communist Cuba, hopes so because he missed the live broadcast Monday.

There on the Great American Ball Park scoreboard was Andy Abad Jr., the son of two Cuban immigrants, wearing a Reds uniform on Opening Day and shaking President George W. Bush’s right hand.

“For me that is a special moment,” Abad Sr. said Tuesday while watching the Reds’ workout. “When I came from Cuba (in 1960) I didn’t have anything. The only thing I brought was the desire to work hard so I could bring my family back to me.

“He’s worked hard, too. He deserved that.” …

“They called me in the office Saturday and (general manager Wayne) Krivsky said, ‘We’ll have a contract for you up there because you’re heading north,’ ” Abad Jr. said.

“I called my wife. I called my father. The things they told me gave me goose bumps and brought some tears to my eyes.”

It’s a nice story; go read it.

The Post has a profile of 2005’s whipping boy, Rich Aurilia. He’s still complaining about not being a starter. I’m glad they brought this guy back for another season.