Let’s round up the Opening Day coverage:

–John Fay says the Reds are off and stumbling. He has a point.

–Marc Lancaster says the Reds took an Opening Day beating. You know, if you score seven runs, you should win.

–The Enquirer has this piece about President Bush throwing out the first pitch, saying he was sharper than the Reds. True, true.

–The Enquirer also has this editorial about the changes that are being implemented in Redsland, starting with Opening Day. One thing I found interesting is this:

The team is opening the ballpark a half hour earlier, to two hours instead of 90 minutes, to allow fans to watch batting practice.

Good policy, I’d say.

–The Enquirer has photos of “Opening Day Heroes” and a large gallery of other random Opening Day photos.

–Finally, Lonnie Wheeler says that Adam Dunn and the wind combined to provide some comedy. I didn’t think it was very funny, frankly.

–Shawn has his thoughts on the game.

–JinAZ’s reflections are succinct…and entirely accurate.

–Red Hot Mama has this and this.

–Here are JD’s reactions.

–Big Red Mechanic compares certain Reds to the Keystone Cops. Heh.

Blade says there’s some good news, thankfully.

–We Heart The Reds says that Opening Day was not at all the glorious debut of the 2006 Reds they were hoping for. I agree with that.