I love Opening Day in Cincinnati. The excitement, the holiday-like atmosphere; there’s almost nothing like it. The anticipation as the starting lineups are announced is something to behold.

Today, however, was miserable in many respects. It was cold, with a biting wind that nearly froze us all to death — and the Reds looked very, very bad in the first game of the 2006 season.

We’ll have more post-mortems later, but I’m very disappointed in what I saw from the Reds. Everyone around me had the same assessment: “Same Old Reds.”

Unfortunately, I couldn’t disagree. They looked like the same old Reds. Let’s hope that was an illusion. After all, hope springs eternal on Opening Day.

One Response

  1. Tom

    It’s only game 1. Lets see what the W-L record is on Memorial Day, then it might be time for the ‘Same Old Reds’.