…I’d regret signing a contract with Cincinnati during the off-season. The fans yesterday were brutal towards Dunn; completely unfair to him. Many of the comments that I heard can’t be repeated here, but the general tone was that Dunn should go back to playing football.

Yeah, Dunn earned a bit of derision (he had a bad day in the field), but the worst-looking play he made was caused by the swirling wind in the ballpark. I’ve never felt such wind at a Reds game, and it was causing the ball to do funny things.

Meanwhile, he had a great day at the plate, including a line-drive homerun that was one of the hardest-hit balls I’ve ever seen.

Adam Dunn is the most talented hitter in Cincinnati since the Big Red Machine days. If fans refuse to give him credit for that, and cut him a little slack in the field, they don’t deserve to have a player like Dunn in a Cincinnati uniform. If I were him, I’d go somewhere that I was appreciated. I don’t know if that will ever be the Queen City.

I hope I’m wrong.

7 Responses

  1. Joel

    I think even Adam would admit that he was dreadful in the field yesterday. He’s a great player, but if he can’t take being ridden by fans after he dropped two catchable balls and looked befuddled on a third, then he’s not fit to play in the Majors.

    He did have a good day at the plate, but I would say that on this day, he did more harm than good for the team. That happens from time to time. It’s only one game. He’ll pick ’em back up on another day and the fans will love him for it.

  2. Cary

    If Dunn doesn’t want to play in a town where some fans boo even their best players at times, where will he play?

  3. Chad

    You guys (except for Bill) are missing the point. It wasn’t the fact that he was ridden a bit; that’s expected. It was the venom behind it. It wasn’t just boos, it was vulgar language, telling him to get out of town. Really bad stuff.

    Way beyond the way a star player should be treated. If it were just limited to boos, I wouldn’t have mentioned it.

    And Bill, I hope you’re right that real fans understand that he’s the best player on this team. I don’t believe that’s true of the average fanatic of the Reds.

  4. Chad

    And I’m not saying that Dunn was mad about it; he made no comments about it, as far as I know. I just said that I wouldn’t put up with it if I were Dunn. He deserves better, given the fact that he’s the best hitter this city’s seen in a generation.

  5. Mike C

    I think Adam will be ok. Even the vulger language is not going to bother him. He’s a grown man, and you’ll experience that in just about any town.

    I think about half of the Reds fans realize how valuable he is. The other half remember all of the stikeouts, misplayed balls and “solo-shot HR’s” as they put it.

  6. orangeandbrown

    I think Adam Dunn is like an acquired taste–a fine scotch, if you will. You have to understand the value of OBP, and be able to drop your childhood shame at striking out. Ryan Freel is beer–he appeals more to your emotions.

    So, I don’t doubt that people say that. Its definitely not fair, and in my opinion, its idiotic.