The long, hard winter is over. Let us all rejoice.

Baseball is back.

5 Responses

  1. Matt

    Three misplays in six innings. I’m glad Wily Mo was traded in part to allow Dunn to move back to his comfort zone in left.

  2. Glenn

    Well, one game does not a season make. However, this was not what I was hoping to see right off the bat. I’m not ready to jump ship, but I am disappointed in the way the Reds played today. It looked alot like last season.

  3. Matt

    It was frustrating to watch all of the infield seasons and misplayed balls. It was also frustrating to hear the announcer (at least on the FSN feed I had, I don’t know who or what shows the games locally) mention at every pitching change that the new pitcher had had a very good spring, only to watch more runs cross the plate. Obviously, it’s only one game, but from the sixth inning on, it wasn’t the least bit enjoyable.