So who is going to make the Opening Day roster? Here’s what it’s looking like:

Starting pitchers:
Aaron Harang
Bronson Arroyo
Brandon Claussen
Eric Milton
Dave Williams

Relief pitchers:
Matt Belisle
Mike Burns
Todd Coffey
Chris Hammond
Kent Mercker
David Weathers
Rick White

Javier Valentin
David Ross

Scott Hatteberg
Ryan Freel
Felipe Lopez
Edwin Encarnacion
Rich Aurilia
tony womack

Adam Dunn
Ken Griffey, Jr.
Austin Kearns
Chris Denorfia
Andy Abad

It isn’t the best 25-man roster the Reds could have put together, but other than having tony womack on the team, there isn’t much to argue about. It’s a team that should score some runs, with a pitching staff that has a chance to be average.

Let’s get it on.

UPDATE: Looks like the roster has been officially set.

3 Responses

  1. Brian B.

    So now that the season is starting, does womack remain our whipping boy or do we wish the best for him?

  2. Tatanka

    I see you’ve written tony in all lowercase. Does his name not deserve the uppercase letters that nouns like, say, “Anna Nicole Smith” or “NAMBLA” possess?

    I didn’t think so either, by the way.

  3. ptrf

    Another great move – send Brian Buchanan to minor camp. The guy led the team in every major hitting cat – played his butt off and they waltz. Here’s to Griffey breaking something in the first week of the season.