There has been some discussion here about what to do with the gaping hole at first base for the Reds. Personally, I loved the idea of obtaining Hee Seop Choi from the Dodgers.

Well, Wayne Krivsky has been sleeping on the job again:

The Boston Red Sox today claimed first baseman Hee-Seop Choi off waivers from the Los Angeles Dodgers. Executive Vice President/General Manager Theo Epstein made the announcement from the club’s Spring Training home in Fort Myers, FL.

A native of Chun Nam, South Korea, Choi has played all or part of four major league seasons with the Cubs (2002-03), Marlins (2004) and Dodgers (2004-05).

Claimed off waivers! The Reds could have had him for the taking.

That’s a missed opportunity to improve the club. I’m sure Krivsky will sign us another fast guy that can’t hit, though.

UPDATE: Mariners fans are bemoaning the missed opportunity to pick up Choi, as well.

UPDATE 2: JinAZ has some similar thoughts:

I promised I’d stay on the Krivsky bandwagon this year, but I just don’t get this any more than I get the Womack/Howard trade (granted, that was not Wayne’s fault). Maybe he’s just too focused on the LaRue/Penny trade (rumor)… So tip of the hat to Theo Epstein et al over in Boston. We’ll get you some day!! ::shakes fist::


It’s a good idea to stay on the Krivsky bandwagon, for a year or so, anyway. He has to be given some time to turn this thing around after Dan O’Brien ran this club even further into the ground.

But even the most optimistic of Krivsky fans has to concede that the early returns aren’t entirely encouraging.

5 Responses

  1. Blue

    In order for him to be sleeping on the job again, he would have to have slept on the job at some other point. So, what are you talking about?

    I probably would have claimed him, but I don’t see it as that big of a deal. Boston is pretty late in the waiver process, so no one else thought he was worth having. (I realize other teams have better 1Bs than the Reds.)

    We could still get Carlos Pena, maybe. He would be much MUCH better than Choi or Hatteberg if he was used with Aurilia as a platoon.

  2. Matt

    I agree. If Krivsky is looking for a platoon situation, then another lefty first baseman to go along with Hatteberg wouldn’t work. Choi is even worse against lefties than Hatteberg (.156 versus .259 BA over the last three seaons – .317 versus .340 OBP). He’s also worse against righties (.253 vs .269 BA, slightly better OBP at .357 to .352). We’re not exactly talking about Choi being a good complement to Hatteberg or even a better overall player. While he looked all right as a pinch hitter for the Korean team, that’s the only real flash of promise he’s shown in the last two seasons. At least Ryan Shealy has shown promise and is only being shopped around due to being blocked by Helton; Choi is being passed around because no one knows if he’s actually going to be worth anything.

  3. Chad

    Raise your hand if you think Scott Hatteberg is better than Hee Seop Choi. Because that’s what this is about.

    Either Krivsky thinks Hatteberg is a better option for the Reds this year, or he has something else in the works. Perhaps another deal for a third string catcher.

  4. lifetime means lifetime

    Jung and Hee could have stirred some Asian intrest for the team. WBC ROCKS

  5. Ken

    Maybe, but I don’t know if there are enough Asians in Cincinnati to stir a significant Asian interest. And Choi would probably prefer to play in a larger, more ethnically diverse city anyways.