Did any of you get a chance to watch tonight’s game on FSN?

Eric Milton looked very, very good. He struck out six, and gave up one run on only three hits. Very nice.

My hopes are starting to get high, and that’s dangerous.

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  1. Blue

    My goodness. I remember reading a Peter Gammons column a couple years ago when he said that teams would being going after Eric Milton, because scouts felt that he was on the verge of turning into a very good starting pitcher. (I can’t remember, I think he was talking about teams trying to trade, or the trade had taken place and scouts thought it would be great for the Phils, or something like that.) Maybe, just maybe, we will get that Milton this year. We deserve it after last year.

    But… it is after all just one start… in Spring training…

    … but it was against a lineup that will pretty much be the Twins opening day lineup…

    … but we should just wait and see…

    I do this to myself all the time leading up to opening day.

  2. orangeandbrown

    I agree on wait and see. If the Reds pitching staff could just reach NL average, and we stay healthy and continue to score runs, we’re going to be a lot more competitive. Taking all those innings Milton gave us last year and just putting them at league average would help a lot.

  3. John in Louisville

    I was reading through Rob Neyer’s greatest lineups book last night and Milton was listed on the second team as one of the Twins greatest pitchers. He was highly thought of by a few reporters.

  4. Tyler

    Eric Milton was 25th on BA’s top 100 in 1998. Yah, he was a really good prospect back in the day. He was always an ok pitcher until last year when he just imploded.

  5. Brian B.

    26th in the franchise . . . I’d say that’s mighty fine. How many Reds pitchers in last decade do you think would fall in the top 26 Reds of all-time?

  6. Ken

    So how much of the hit ratio was (bad) luck? His BABIP (avg for balls in play) was .317 last year, up from .271 in ’04. Hopefully that increase was due to bad luck, rather than a poorer defense (which is probably true but can’t account for that large of a discrepency) or just plain-old stinkin’ it up.

  7. Pinski

    Not sure what this adds to the conversation, but Milton was ranked by Aaron Gleeman as the 38th best player in Twins history.