For the second time this week, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that the Reds are sniffing around Padres third-string catcher Dave Ross.

Ross hasn’t hit much, other than a really nice stint in LA in 2003. He’s supposed to be a little better than his numbers, and has a good defensive reputation. He’s a capable backup, certainly.

This would obviously require another trade, involving LaRue or the Latin Love Machine.

UPDATE (by Chad): As noted in the comments, Marc Lancaster is reporting this as a done deal:

Krivsky says nothing should be read into this, as far as other potential trades. I suppose we’ll play that one by ear.

“We like David Ross,” said Krivsky. “He’s a very good defensive catcher. It’s almost like pitching – you can never have enough catching. There aren’t any predetermined things here as far as the roster goes. The possibility of carrying three catchers exists. I’m not saying it’s an absolute, but we’ll have 10 or 11 days to evaluate it after getting (Ross) in here.”

Count me among the group that can’t figure this deal out.

Here’s the article on the deal from, for what it’s worth.

10 Responses

  1. Pinski

    Lancaster is reporting this as a done deal. For Bobby Basham.

    I think Valentin ends up at 1st.

  2. al

    krivsky has lost his mind.
    what in the world is this about? why deal a young pitching prospect who just returned to form after an injury for a 3rd string catcher?

  3. Ken

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they flipped Valentin. It’d be selling high – he hit incredibly well last year, but he’s a 30 year old catcher who outperformed all reasonable expectations for half a season.

  4. Chad

    What? This makes no sense.

    What’s Krivsky up to?

  5. Brian B.

    Ken, I would be very surprised if the Reds flipped LaRue or Valentin for the same reasons you listed. It just makes too much sense. 30 year old position players coming off career years seems to be Krivsky’s target.

  6. Brian B.

    Greg D., I think I’m picking up your double-sarcasm. Right? I mean, it’s true that Ross didn’t heve a career year last year, but doesn’t that make the deal worse?

  7. Ken

    Re Valentin: even though he’s highly unlikely to approach 281/362/520 in the future, I’ll bet at least one of the other 29 GMs thinks that he could come close to that – at least for one more year. Most teams, even good ones, have backup catchers that are essentially replacement level. Just as one example, the Yankees last year gave Flaherty 127 ABs, with atrocious results (165/206/252). You don’t think they’d be interested in a serious upgrade, even if it’s just for their backup catcher?

  8. jayz

    The reds are DUMB…First they trade WMP for Arroyo, who is at best a 3rd/4th starter on most NL teams and then they trade a young arm for a Catcher… yeah they really needed another one who is 29 yrs old at that, when they have Larue, Valentin and Sardinha.