Lookout Joe, you’re comin’ home.
Old times were good times,
Old times were good times.

As Spring Training winds down and the Reds finally make a move regarding the outfield issue it’s come time for me to leave Redleg Nation and open my new site Baseball Minutia . I want to thank all the writers and readers at Redleg Nation who took the time to read my stuff and comment and engage in discourse about this game that holds us all. I had a great time and I will be visiting throughout the season to debate the Skelatore features of Tony Womack or track the slugging percentage of Casey and Hattenberg

My new site will be mainly history based and Reds centric, but is always subject to change based on whatever is happening in baseball.

So please, if you have the time visit me periodically at Baseball Minutia



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  1. Chad

    Thanks for everything, Brian. I think everyone will agree that your posts were the most informative and entertaining posts we’ve had here at Redleg Nation.

    I’ve already added Baseball Minutia to our blogroll, and I expect to visit frequently.

    Don’t be a stranger here at RN!