JinAZ has a great idea about how the Reds could fill the brand new hole at first base: Hee Seop Choi. He says:

I doubt there are many who would disagree, but I’d take Choi any day over Hatteberg. Maybe we’ll get a shot at him. He’d be a brilliant waivers pickup given our new hole at 1B. And if not waivers, maybe he’d come cheap in a trade. LA certainly doesn’t seem to value the guy.

I think it’s a wonderful idea, and he’d likely come very cheap. This guy has all the makings of a solid hitter — at a good price. Unfortunately, I get the feeling that he’s about to get the Roberto Petagine treatment from major league teams.

4 Responses

  1. Brian B.

    Then can we sign Roberto Petagine?

  2. al

    the beaver county times (pitt) had this to say:

    “Reds eye Wilson

    Cincinnati is now reportedly eyeing Wilson to play first base with Adam Dunn, uncomfortable in his spring trial at that position, moving back to left. The Reds asked Dunn to learn first base after trading Sean Casey to the Pirates over the winter.”

    it was clear that the pirates were going to have to move him, because 3mil for a bench player is way too much for a team with that market.

    I think Valentin might be a reasonable swap, since it adds to their catching and bench depth, and saves them some cash.

    We’d get a 1b with a .387 OBP and a little power, and the Ross deal makes a little more sense.

  3. Ken

    Someone else probably does; hopefully a GM of a team rich in pitching prospects.

  4. Brian B.

    Andy Abad is on fire. Brian Buchanan is on fire. And Tony Womack ust homered.

    Valentin might repeat his ’05, but I don’t believe the Reds’ offense will repeat.