From the Enquirer:

The claimed Matt Kata, another “utility” infielder that has no grasp of the strike zone.

But Krivsky says:

“He’s a quality pro who can play second, third, shortstop or outfield,” Krivsky said.

And where does Kata fit in?

“I’ll let (Reds manager Jerry Narron) work that out,” Krivsky said.

Every move Krivsky makes gives me less reason to believe he understands what it takes to win…like having guys that know how to get on base.

To make room for him on the 40 man roster, Allan Simpson was cut. This isn’t a big deal because he wasn’t going to make the team anyway and was out of options.

But what does concern me is Krivsky’s seeming “O’Brien-like” infatuation with guys like Kata and Womack.

5 Responses

  1. greg

    The way I see it, they knew they were getting rid of Simpson, so why the hell not? They’ll just ditch this guy, too, then they’re right where they’d be, anyway.

  2. Glenn

    I smell a trade brewing. Too many infielders. Either Freel or Aurillia are going to be packaged off somewhere hopefully for a closer.

  3. Glenn

    You are exactly right. I have to stop trying to apply logic when speaking of potential moves made by Reds’ management. Its should have become apparent to me, after all these years as a fan, that logic just doesn’t figure into it. I need help.

  4. Ken

    Gammons is stirring the Red Sox/Reds trade rumors again today, saying that the Sox are doubtful as to whether Lowell can hit anymore and would pay a heft ransom for Kearns or Dunn. Dunn should be out of the question, but Pena or Kearns for a young SP like Papelbon (sp?) would make sense.

  5. LC Fiore

    Gammons again, reporting the Braves are looking to move John Thomson or Horacio Ramirez for a Victor Diaz type…why not somebody like Denorfia for Ramirez?