I don’t care much for “unnamed” quotes, but thought this one from the Enquirer was interesting:

“Way to go, Wily, way to get better for us!”

An unnamed Red as Wily Mo Peña got in the high five line after another “DNP” (did not play) for the Dominican Republic team in the World Baseball Classic

This might be one reason Narron’s publicly talking about using Hatteburg more than originally thought, it’s his way of letting Pena know he’s not happy with him being at the WBC. I’m not saying I agree with it, but it’s apparent from this quote that SOMEONE on the Reds isn’t happy with Pena not being here.

4 Responses

  1. dcdanny

    Whoever it is who said that, screw ’em. Wily Mo has every right to play for his country. WMP can’t control if he plays or not. But he’s justified in being there to help. I wonder if they’d have said that if he was playing for the US team.

  2. al

    i agree, totally weak, and it’s not like just because wily isn’t playing in games he isn’t practicing with the team.

    How much worse is it for his game to be practicing and learning with some great players from his home country, than to be getting 3 ABs off of the pirates farm system?

    probably not much if at all.

  3. Lucas

    What an ignorant comment to make. I don’t think most Americans realize how big the WBC is to these smaller countries. I’m living in Latin America right now and it’s huge to these people. If you live in a small, poverty-striken, undeveloped country and you get a chance to play for your country and show the world how good you are, you should take it. The WBC is great and I’m thrilled Wily Mo can be a part of it.

  4. al

    yeah denorfia’s .528 OPS is really inspiring me to trade my 23 yr old LF with comps to roger marris and harmon kilabrew. especially since he wants to play for his country, F that guy!