From yesterday’s Enquirer:

The Reds have scrapped the 75-pitch limit for pitchers at Single-A and below – instituted by former general manager Dan O’Brien to help prevent injuries.

“We’re going to formulate individual plans for every player,” said Johnny Almaraz, the director of player development/international operations. “We’ll pull back when a player’s fatigued.”

In other word’s, they won’t overwork young pitchers? Sounds like it’ll be at the discretion of the staff of the individual team.

Almaraz said the club will use inning limits, depending on age – 100 innings for an 18-year-old, 110 for a 19-year-old, and so on.

“We’ll add and subtract, depending on the individual,” Almaraz said.

I hope this is an improvement. I don’t believe we had enough data to show whether OB’s system was working or not, but this seems like it goes back to the same old routine, which was death on the arms of Reds young pitchers.