From this AM’s Enquirer:

Aaron Harang, the Reds’ de facto No. 1 starter, has been scratched from his start today against the Pittsburgh Pirates with right shoulder inflammation.

The Reds are saying it’s not as bad as it sounds.

“He’s been working on some mechanical changes with some of his pitches,” trainer Mark Mann said. “He’s been dealing with this for about a week. We decided to have him skip a start and let it calm down.

“This is more of a precaution.”

On a team as thin at starting pitching as this one, this has to be a huge concern, doesn’t it?

Mann said Harang has not had an MRI or X-ray of the shoulder.

“We haven’t deemed it necessary to do any kind of diagnostic work,” Mann said.

Yeah, wouldn’t want to be sure or anything. I mean why would anyone question the track record of the training and medical staff of this team?

“We’ll see how he is Friday,” Mann said.

Yeah, we’ve got plenty of other good options other than Harang.

I realize this may turn out to be nothing, but I’ve seen this team underplay injuries before and they usually turn out to be worse than first reported.

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  1. Philip

    He better be alright. I also agree on how lame it is when the say, “Well, we’ll run an MRI know if its just hanging there like a wet noodle, right now its just swollen and hurts like crap.” More stupid leadership decisions…it never ends!!!!