The Reds split the squad yesterday in two to play Minnesota and Pittsburgh.

In the Pittsburgh game, the Reds were blanked 5-0. The Reds mustered only 4 hits, 2 coming off the bat of Redlegnation favorite Tony Womack.

In his first appearance of the spring, Josh Hall suffered the loss, giving up 3 runs in an inning of work. Mike Gosling got the start and pitched 3 solid innings of 2 hit, shutout baseball. Gosling has now thrown 6 shutout innings thus far this spring. David Weathers continued his red-headed step-child routine by surrendering 2 runs on 2 walks and a hit in his inning of work. In 3 innings of work this spring, Weathers has surrendered 9 baserunners and 9 runs (6 earned).

Also worth noting, Sean Casey went 0-1 for Pittsburgh and was hit by a pitch.


In the game against the Twins, the Reds scored a run in the 9th to win 3-2. RF Dewayne Wise went 3-3 for the Reds including his first homerun of the spring in the 5th inning. 1b Scott Hatteberg went 2-4 in the game to raise his spring average to .313 with an .853 OPS. And oh yeah, Edwin Encarnacion belted his 4th homerun of the spring and drove in his 10th rbi.

Dave Williams got the start and was a little wild. He allowed 0 hits in 3 innings of work, but did walk 4 batters and struck out 2. On the spring, he’s walked 5 batters and given up 5 hits in 5 innings of work. Hudson, Shackleford, Wagner, and Simpson combined to pitch a shutout 6-9 innings to give the Reds the victory. Ryan Wagner was the recipient of the win, Simpson the save.


In WBC games, Ken Griffey Jr went 2-2 with a walk, 2 doubles, and an rbi in the USA’s embarrasing 8-6 loss to Canada. Griffey was pulled for a PR after his 2nd double. I thought Griffey’s ABs thus far during the classic have been great. He’s worked himself into 2 walks and his two doubles yesterday (one to left-center, the other to right-center) were both line drive gappers to the wall. He’s hit the ball hard 3 times in 4 official ABs.

2 Responses

  1. Philip

    Unfortunately Weathers is a definite…but he really, really sucks.
    If we use him as a closer, or even set-up, we can write off the season now.
    We might as well sign Sosa and screw up the locker room and right field with that idiot.

  2. Philip

    Man, I hope he continues this into the season. That would be huge!!