From the Post and Lonnie Wheeler:

“People just keep throwing stats in your face – like, this guy has a better on-base percentage,” said Womack in the Reds’ spring training clubhouse, where he dresses between Menechino and Jacob Cruz on Roster Spot Row. “Who cares about on-base percentage? It’s a matter of where you go at the end of the year. I haven’t been home after the end of the year in five out of the last seven years, and I don’t plan on going this year.

“I don’t play for those people. I play for me, and I play to help my team win and go to the postseason and become champions.”

Has anyone EVER read anything more moronic in their life? I honestly don’t think I can deal with putting up with this guy’s comments all year.

Yep, he was one of the main reasons the Yankees went to the post season last year.

Let’s start a fund to pay Womack’s salary if the Reds will release him now.

Then Wheeler comes up with one of his own:

The Reds last year scored runs in greater number than any other National League team; but it didn’t follow that they, therefore, possessed the league’s best offense. They were a big-bang team that could be too easily subdued on days when the balls weren’t clearing the walls. The runs they scored were not win-effective.

So, scoring the most runs doesn’t make you the best offense? I understand what he’s trying to say about inconsistency, but I thought even that idea had been proven wrong.

9 Responses

  1. Matt

    Hey, give Womack a break. Sure he can’t hit the ball. Sure he can’t draw a walk. He certainly can’t adequately field any position on the diamond anymore. Oh, and so what if he’s lost most of basepath speed? A poor batting average, OBP, SB total, and variously poor fielding numbers are just stats! They certainly have no reflection on his game. Remember when he single-handedly beat the Yankees in the World Series in 2001? Who feels stupid now? Now pay him his 2 million and be quiet!

  2. Pinski

    He’s instant comedy. But the joke is going to be on us fans when he is the starting 2nd baseman come opening day.

  3. Chad

    We need to sign Luis Sojo and Rafael Belliard. They went to lots of postseasons!

  4. orangeandbrown

    Nice, Tom. I think whenever Womack speaks, those who listen lost 10 IQ points. Please keep children away from the sound of his voice. And prepare yourself mentally for the day that Marty agrees with him.

  5. Philip

    What we have to do is hope the two guys from Chicago, crazy mullet fans, that charged the field a few years back, visit Cincy and pummel Womack on opening day. (I don’t condone it, but can’t say I wouldn’t laugh)

  6. al

    random womack fact:

    tony womack stole 35 bases in a one-on-one baseball duel vs. Statistics in the garden of eden before the dawn of time.

    Statistics had a miserable slide step at the time and was horribly embarassed, vowing to ruin all of Womack’s baseball cards throughout history.

    they have hated each other ever since.

  7. Darren

    Well, a sober Womack is better than a drunk Freel. If you guys have watched Womack bat you would know the guy will give you good at bats. He actually makes pitchers work. I can’t say that for the two strikeout kings in our lineup.

  8. Philip

    Yeah, but he’s still not a drunk!