Look who’s starting at shortstop for Mexico in the World Baseball Classic.

8 Responses

  1. Philip

    that’s awaesome…oh wait…no its not, who gives a crap.

  2. Philip

    Game shape for that team…wow that’s a tough one. Who did he beat out for the spot “Rafael Belliard”.

  3. Darren

    All I know is that a guy named Geronimo Gin plays for Mexico. Geronimo Gin. Apperently they ran out of Mexican players and got some proffesional wrestlers to play. Who are they gonna draft next..Rey mysterio? As far as Jaun Castro goes, he never won a gold glove…and he never will! He is a joke.

  4. Philip

    Geronimo Gin…isn’t that a Native American drink?

  5. Philip

    Actually I think we would be the tag-team champs if there was a belt.
    And you just made his point…who cares or notices Castro, and if he got enough plate appearances all they wwould notice is his .189 averagh.

  6. Darren

    Hey, I just wanted everyone to know that Bo BO Brazil just hit a homerun for Mexico! Apperently his dad was born in Mexico.

  7. Philip

    Bo Bo Brazil…sweet. I thought he played for Chile. Guess I was wrong. Hey, how did Geronimo do today. Was he “scalping” tickets???? (HA)