It’s subscription only, so you may not be able to read the entire Reds’ Team Health Report posted today over at Baseball Prospectus. In any event, a few interesting points were made – Will Carroll & Co. use a red-yellow-green light system to explain likely risk.

Reds’ Reds: LaRue (age & workload), Griffey (duh), Kearns (duh), Wilson (duh), and Dave Williams (“Labrum victims seldom are able to recover completely, and Williams sat out September with a sore shoulder. Definitely not cool. “).

Wily Mo and Freel got yellow lights, due to injury history (both) and style of play (the little fella).

They discuss how Dr. Tim Kremchek has become a third major option for ballplayers needing surgery, but how that expertise (and Kremcheck’s amazing facilities) haven’t prevented the Reds from being among the league “leaders” in time lost to the DL. While the medical staff isn’t excused, Carroll and Dave Haller put the blame more on the Reds’ longtime penchant for bringing in damaged (veteran) goods, combined with the fragility of some young guys, like Kearns and Wagner.

Interesting stuff. I don’t regret renewing my BP subscription yesterday ($40/year).

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  1. Ken

    I agree that the Red light for Larue is not warranted. No injury history I know of and the Reds have done a good job in not using him too much (never exceeded 400 ABs). I guess it was just based on his age (32) and position.

    The Williams comment is troubling. We could definitely use 200 IPs of average pitching, which is what he’s done so far.