Article from the DDN about Adam Dunn’s adjustment to 1B.

Every day now, he is on the bag snagging ground ball and snatching low throws out of the dirt.
Hitting coach Chris Chambliss, a first baseman during his illustrious major-league career, pounds grounder after grounder at Dunn.

“He has good hands, has no trouble making the plays and catching the ball at first,” said Chambliss. “The biggest thing is his footwork. But anybody who played quarterback at his level has to have good footwork.
“You have no time to think about your footwork,” Chambliss added. “You have to anticipate quickly. If you’re late with the footwork, try to get it after the play is halfway over, it’s too late. But he is working on it.”

Said Dunn, “I feel good over there but there is a lot of little stupid stuff I have to learn. We’ll get it, we’ll get it done.”

Like it?

“Oh, yeah, but I don’t get to look around in the stands as much and talk to the fans,” he said. “It’s something. I won’t be talking to baserunners as much as Sean Casey did. That’s impossible.”

Sounds like some learning to be done, but I think the point about his QB background is valid, as is the point about not talking as much as Casey.

Dunn also addresses what he thinks he needs to improve on offensively:

He doesn’t want to lose his control of the strike zone that gets him 100 walks a year, but he wants to do a better job of being aggressive on good pitches to hit — indeed, a fine line.

“I need to be more aggressive early, not let myself get down in the count,” he said. “I need to make good contact with my pitch, not foul it off or miss it. I did that too many times last year. When I get my pitch, don’t miss it.”

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  1. Philip

    I like Dunn. And to be honest, as much as I liked Casey as a guy, I’m glad he’s gone, and I was getting pretty sick of him getting chunny with the opposition. We’re supposed to be “beating them soundly” not giggling with them at fist base!!! Dunn will not be doing that.