In yesterday’s Enquirer and today’s Post, John Fay and Marc Lancaster take an early look at how they believe the position player end of the roster will end up shaking out.

In addition, Fay writes an article today on how Pena and Griffey leaving will help Narron get a better look at some of the veterans, as they’ll have more PT available in the exhibition games.

But one thing is certain from reading these three articles, this team’s bench is going to be made up of older players. One name almost totally absent from any mention is Chris Denorfia. I’d say he has to have an unbelievable camp to have any chance of making this team or one of the old guys has to be horrible.

2 Responses

  1. al

    i agree chris. 26 yr olds who have played half a season at AAA aren’t future all-stars.

    Denorfia can put up an .800 OPS in lmited time, he’s league min. salary, and he deserves it.

  2. Glenn

    Denorfia may start the year at AAA. However, let’s look at it from the point of view of guys like Rhoads and McCracken. They’ve got to know that they’re best years are behind them. They’ve also got to be feeling the pressure. If Denorfia starts out hot in spring training, they’re major league careers may come to an end.