I invite you to read the entire article, but I’ll show some of the “highlights”…

It proved to be one of the most difficult seasons of a 12-year big league career.

“I went through it because they put me through it. It wasn’t like I did it to myself,” Womack said. “I still like to play. It’s no fun knowing that you can still play and contribute to somebody when this team is holding you back. The Yankees held me back.”

For the record…Womack hit .249 with 15 RBIs in 108 games and had an OBP of .276. Yep, the Yankees did that to him.

“The only thing that makes me mad is it messes up my baseball card,” said Womack, who reported to Reds camp Tuesday and completed his first workout. “I was consistent for a long time and then that comes up. It was a learning experience for me. I’m a stronger person. I had to be. I had to bite my tongue a lot. I had to keep myself going and make sure I got my work in.”

Yeah, Tony, don’t worry that you didn’t help your team or that you didn’t earn the $2M you were being paid. Be upset that it “messes up your baseball card.”

A plea to Reds management…cut this bum. I can’t spend the entire year listening to this type of drivel come out of someone’s mouth that should be thanking God every day that he’s fooled people enough to be collecting a baseball paycheck.

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  1. al

    i’m all for cutting womack, but krivsky seems to like talentless hacks just as much as DanO. Well, maybe not quite as much, since he only signs them to minor league deals rather than dealing off prospects for them.

    by the VORP statistic Womack was the 9th Least valuable position player in all of baseball last year. For perspective, William Bergolla and Aaron Harang were more valuable position players. Have you seen harang bat?

    unfortunately for us timo perez was actually the 6th least valuable player, but that’s another story.

    i just wonder why when you’re thinking of trading for someone, you don’t get in touch with them and see what they think about the role. Why send prospects away to import a clubhouse cancer? if this guy thinks he should start everyday when he got out played by bergolla, he’s dilusional and is going to cause problems.

  2. Briank

    I have to disagree whole heartedly with all about Krivsky. His “love” of talentless hacks is not proven. The took over the operations a few weeks before spring training. He made a few meaningless moves that were no better or worse than what was available.

    O’Brien was foolish enough to trade for Womack and then turn around and what the heck, resign Rich Arillia.

    I think that if Womack is not off of this club by early April (very unlikely) then he is going to be like watching a slow train wreck. Bad performace plus complaining.

    This is the move that will for me define the incompitence of Dan O’Brien

  3. al

    it doesn’t make me feel too much better about krivsky if he’s spending his time making “meaningless” moves. I noted that at least they were non-roster signings, but i don’t think you ever feel good when you new GM starts signing some of the worst players in all of baseball.

    tuffy, sure, it’s a good story and he’s the type of non-roster player you like, the kind that has had success but with a lot of questions.

    There are no questions about timo perez and quentin mcC, they are terrible, so why bring them in?

  4. Billingfan

    Well, the honeymoon is over. Castellini and Krivsky both on the outs with posters here. Are you guys officially fed up with them?

  5. al

    i’m also not fed up, why does it have to be all or nothing? I think Kriv will be a big upgrade over DanO, but look at the twins now. They are better than the reds, but there were moves they needed to make this off-season that they didn’t, and they signed a lot of marginal/over-the-hill players to make up for it.

    That’s all i’m worried about happening here. I’m sure we’ll improve, but the twins method seems to be taking them in the wrong direction in the standings right now, and when there are signs of that here, it’s fair to point them out.

    Kriv is known for negotiating good contracts and he did that with Dunn, which is awsome, he’s not a bust at all, but there are some warning signs.