From the Enquirer:

Castellini is busy shoring up things in the Reds’ Florida operation. He said the club is in the final stages of purchasing a Florida State League franchise from the Boston Red Sox.

The Reds had a team in the FSL last year, playing out of the Sarasota.

“We operate it,” Castellini said. “We don’t own it. That’s a big difference.”

I had assumed the Reds had bought the operation from the Red Sox before putting a franchise there last year. This purchase would be good news for Reds fans like myself, who vacation in the Sarasota area in the summer.

As I posted last year, you can get the chance to catch a Reds GCL game during the day and a Reds FSL game at night. I’m very happy that it seems the Reds are going to stay in Sarasota.

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  1. greg

    Honestly, they’d have to be nuts to leave Sarasota. It’s ridiculous how many snowbirds from Ohio end up there. The bars all have Reds and Ohio State flags, they’ve even got a skyline chili!