From the Hamilton Journal:

Mario Soto is in camp and is observing the pitchers.

“I don’t know any pitcher on this team and I don’t know anything about any of them,” said Soto.

His power of observation, though, is astute. After one day, he was talking about Homer Bailey and Todd Coffey.

“I can tell quickly just by watching,” Soto said. “I was most impressed with Bailey. He looks really good to me.”
When told Bailey was the team’s top pitching prospect and a No. 1 draft pick in 2004, Soto said, “I didn’t know that. I just know I really liked what I saw.”


“I’m going to tell them he should be the closer,” Soto said. “Right now they are trying to teach him too many pitches. He doesn’t need them. He throws hard, he throws strikes and he seems to have the makeup to be a closer.”

I thought they were interesting comments. I generally treat comments by ex-players with a grain of salt, but liked what he said about Coffey and his comments about Bailey gave me more hope that he’s the “real deal”.

2 Responses

  1. Brian B.

    I really like his comments on Coffey. If you’ve got two big pitches, then you can get the last three outs. Don’t throw anything else.

  2. Mark Hindenach

    Hey, I’ve got a better idea…can Wilson and don’t get Astachio…let’s get Soto back in the ol’ 36 jersey for the #5 slot!