From Marc Lancaster’s blog:

If there is common ground to be had, though, it’s conceivable that Astacio could be a Red by sometime this week. The Reds have made it known they’re looking for more pitchers, and if they could get Astacio for a reasonable price (while holding onto all of their outfielders), they at least would get some more competition in camp and a viable fallback if Paul Wilson isn’t ready to start the season.

Does anyone like this idea? Yeck…

3 Responses

  1. Pinski

    No. The guy is horrible. He’s ERA was supressed by Petco. He’s simply too old, too expensive when you consider that we have the lizard, Belisle, Germano, Gosling, etc.

  2. Ken

    Probably someone in between. Those splits are interesting – look at how close the WHIPs are, and how his K/BB ratio was actually much better in TX. The HRs in TX were scary, but he did respectibly in Coors some years ago . . I’d second giving him a shot at a reasonable ($2 mm) cost.

  3. al

    i have to agree with pinske on this and question the need for another 5th starter since we have a bunch of viable options already.

    presumably wilson will start the year on the DL if he’s not ready to go, so it shouldn’t be an options issue, and i’d much rather give a shot to the young guy (lizard, germano, gosling, chick, dumatrait, koz, bong, or hall) that does the best in camp, than to commit 2 mil to an aging starter coming off a questionable year.

    2 mil isn’t a ton, but what if the reds are in the mix at the deadline and that 2 mil is the difference between making a deal and standing pat.