Krivsky was apparently interviewed on XM Radio 175 this morning. Anyone catch it?

I only heard one sound bite that they’re airing during the hourly news update bit about the Dunn signing. Essentially, Krivsky said that while he doesn’t have anything working right now, in general terms it would make sense to deal away a surplus strength, to address a weakness. In other words, he’s not opposed to trading an OF for pitching, but he doesn’t have anything cooking right now.

I can’t argue with the philosophy. It’s smart. I’m just fairly attached to the OFs we have, and am still gun-shy about trading for a pitcher. I had no confidence that O’Brien could do it. While I’m completely wait-and-see about Krivsky, there’s only one way to find out if he can do it…

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  1. rastajenk

    My first impression is that he has a zero-sum kind of mindset. Losing some strength here to gain some strength there just means getting more middling throughout. Nothing encouraging about that.