The Reds signed Scott Hatteberg to a one-year contract today:

Scott Hatteberg agreed to a one-year, $750,000 contract Sunday with Cincinnati, giving the Reds more flexibility at first base.

Hatteberg batted .256 with seven homers and 59 RBI last season for Oakland, which declined his contract option for 2006. The Athletics decided to stick with Dan Johnson at first base.

Hatteberg can make an additional $250,000 in performance bonuses, based upon plate appearances.

I don’t mind this signing, in the abstract. Hatteberg is a quality player to have on the bench.

However, I can just see how this is going to play out: Hatteberg will end up getting the lion’s share of the ABs at 1B, sending Adam Dunn back to the outfield, and Wily Mo Pena to the bench.

I don’t want to believe that will happen. But watching this club over the last decade, I can’t help but think that the Reds will figure out how to screw this one up.

6 Responses

  1. ray_s

    maybe he’s signing players featured in moneyball. the fat catcher next?

  2. EricTW

    We’ll see. I’m not sure what this means just yet. IMHO, a lot will be told when we see what kind of deal Dunn is signed to. That will tell a a bit more about what Krivsky’s plan might be.

  3. EricTW

    Wasn’t I hearing complaining a week ago that Kullman’s comment that they wanted to avoid a hearing with Dunn at all costs was basically telling Dunn that they’d give him whatever he wanted and that there was no reason to negotiate down very far?

    Now Krivsky is publicly taking the opposite stance. I don’t put a whole lot of stock in what a GM says in the open…let’s see what kind of deal Dunn is signed to.

    I still believe that Castellini wants Dunn signed long-term and that he has indicated so to Krivsky. We’ll see what happens.

  4. lalabuck

    Maybe nothing more than late inning defensive replacement and bat off the bench. We were going into this w/out a single roster player with significant 1B playing time (Neither Dunn nor Valentin really count as significant … 30 starts b/w them)

  5. al

    i can’t see Krivsky trading dunn and putting in hatteberg as has been suggested various places, who would we have at first next season? It’s not like we have a prospect coming next year who is blocked by dunn right now. Dunn should be the 1b for the next 10 years.

    we have room for 5 bench players: valentin, freel, denorfia, womack, and now hatteberg. it seems silly to take the spot away from cruz, even though i expect hatteberg to bounce back to a .750 ops or so.

  6. al

    not that this says anything, but the buy low idea occurred to me also when i noticed that he’s been inconsistent most of his career. In seasons that he’s layed more than 90 games his OPS has gone:

    .788, .805, .802, .677, .807, .725, .787, .677

    so maybe we’ll get something around .750-.780. still, that’s well below average for 1b, so i can’t think that he’s being seen as a regular to open up a dunn trade.

    but maybe cruz will make the team when kearns or wily are traded in ST.