Okay, here’s a crazy idea.

The Reds should try to sign Roger Clemens. That would help with this team’s pitching problem, wouldn’t it?

I can hear you now: “Why would Roger Clemens sign with the Cincinnati Reds?” Well, that’s a good question, and I’m glad you asked.

Two words: Koby Clemens. Roger’s son plays in the Houston Astros organization. This season, Koby is going to be playing with the Astros’ Class A Sally League affiliate in … Lexington, KY. What is that, a 90-minute drive from Cincinnati?

The Reds should offer Clemens a creative contract similar to the one he signed last year with the Astros, which would give him ample opportunity to spend time with his son. Entice him with the league’s best offense here in Cincinnati, and the run support he didn’t receive last year.

With an ace at the top of the rotation, this team should be a contender. So there’s your first assignment, new GM Wayne Krivski. Forget the Timo Perezes of the world; go sign Roger Clemens!

4 Responses

  1. Scott R

    I’ve been thinking about this myself as well and I think its a great idea. We’d improve dramitically over a short period of time. Of course the Reds probably wouldn’t pony up the $15-20 mil to sign him. I’ve been looking at Diamond Mind Baseball recently and their sims that put Cincy in last place for the 2006 season. I wonder what would happen if you put Clemens at the top of the rotaion, how would our dear Reds fare?

  2. al

    roger clemes will not be signing with the reds, but just to add fuel to the fire, though he claims to be a texan, clemens was actually born in dayton, oh.

  3. Brian

    though he claims to be a texan, clemens was actually born in dayton, oh.

    Hank Hill tries to pull that too.

  4. Marty L

    I agree,Clemens would make a lethal weapon for the Reds rotation. With the addition of Haarang,Arroy,and Claussen. The N.L Central would litterally crap in their pants. Then with Griffey and Dunn hitting,the Reds would be feared by many teams in the N.L.