Brad Kullman has been fired and Timo Perez has been signed. I can’t see how either of these transactions make the Reds better as an organization.

We here at Redleg Nation wish Kullman the best of luck. He has been a credit to this club, and I’m very hopeful that some smart team snaps him up quickly.

3 Responses

  1. Cary

    My guess is Brad saw himself as no less than Ass. GM and Krivsky said that isn’t going to happen right now. Brad obviously wants to be a GM and sees himself as qualified, so he needs to move on to pursue a better opportunity. If that were the case, I say its the best thing for both parties.

  2. Ken

    Speaking of minor league contracts, the Nationals just signed Brandon Larson to one. Bowden must still see something, but it sure wasn’t his stint in the bigs.

  3. Andrew Griffin

    O’Krivsky has had a bad week.
    Fired Kullman, signs Timo Perz and Gosling

    Now that Kullman is gone, who’ll take over when they have to fire Krivsky for being an idiot.