It appears that the DDN got it wrong: Wayne Krivsky will be hired as the Reds new General Manager:

It may have required some patience and perseverance on his part, but Wayne Krivsky finally got the job.

On Wednesday, Reds owner and chief executive officer Bob Castellini named Krivsky as the club’s new general manager. Krivsky will be formally introduced tonight at a 6 p.m. ET press conference.

Krivsky, who interviewed with Castellini last Wednesday, is entering his 30th year in baseball. The 51-year-old Krivsky had been an assistant GM for Minnesota since 1994 after spending 14 years in the same position with the Rangers. His career began in Texas’ ticketing department in 1977.

Working under GM Terry Ryan in Minnesota, Krivsky was often the club’s point man in negotiating multi-year contracts and handling arbitration cases. He worked out multi-year deals with All-Stars Torii Hunter and Brad Radke, among others.

Krivsky was also the Twins’ main National League scout, which made him quite familiar with the Reds roster.

I’ll have some thoughts on the hiring later, and I’m sure that the rest of the RN regulars will chime in with their reactions. Until then, Marc has this and this.

I’ll say this, however: I hope Krivsky is able to keep Brad Kullman within the organization. Kullman is one of the bright lights in Cincinnati, and he can help this team.

4 Responses

  1. Blue

    I seriously doubt that happens. A lot of people seem to think that teams like the Reds should act as minor league affiliates of teams like the Yankees and Red Sox.

    Besides, that would completely contradict the words of one Bob Castellini at his first press conference. I’m not saying that the Reds won’t trade some good players, and if Griffey has a good season he could very well be shipped off, but I don’t expect a complete reconstruction of the team.

  2. Ken

    Whew . . I’m glad the Beattie rumors were exactly that. I would’ve preferred someone more sabermetrically oriented, but Krivisky has worked under one of the best GMs for a competitive, small market team. His NL scouting background with the Twins is a plus.
    Don’t let us down, Wayne.

  3. Glenn

    As of right now, I like this signing. As a fan, I do reserve the right to whine, cry and call for his head on a platter if this doesn’t go right. Had to get that out of my system.
    Seriously, I think K’s experience/success in a small market is going to be a good fit in Cincy. I also like Mr C’s attitude toward having a winning team “now”.

  4. Matt

    Even without knowing exactly how important Krivsky was to the Twins, the choice between him and Beattie should have been easy; look at the last several Twins seasons and the last several Orioles seasons.