The DDN is reporting that Jim Beattie will be named GM:

There are strong indications that the Cincinnati Reds will name Jim Beattie as the team’s general manager, the Dayton Daily News has learned.

Two reliable sources close to the situation said it was their understanding that Beattie, 50, is the choice to replace fired Dan O’Brien and that the Reds will announce the decision in the next few days.

Nine candidates were interviewed and several have been told they wouldn’t get the job, including interim GM Brad Kullman, Reds special adviser Leland Maddox and Philadelphia assistant general manager Mike Arbuckle.

It would not be surprising.

Beattie was the first person new owner Bob Castellini hired, naming him a special adviser the same day he officially took over as the team’s CEO. And he immediately named him as a candidate for the GM’s chair.

In addition, Castellini has told friends he preferred a person who had been a general manager. Only Beattie and Atlanta assistant general manager Frank Wren have GM experience among the candidates.

I’m underwhelmed. Looks like business as usual with the Reds organization.

UPDATE: According to Marc, the Reds are denying this report. I hope it’s not true, but I have little faith in the Reds at this point.

2 Responses

  1. al

    first off, i think we have to remember that pretty much anyone is going to be better than DanO, so i still feel good about the move overall.

    that said, it does seem like the debate over how to run a team is going on all over baseball, and is summed up with the case of Theo v. Luccino in Boston.

    The sox, a very successful team since Theo’s take over not that i need to mention that, eventually removed Luccino from his position of power in baseball operations, siding with theo.

    Now it looks like the reds are siding with luccino, a decision i can’t support.